Crime......and Tenderness

"Remington Steele", a very different detective series.

(T.V. Guia (Argentina), May 1984)

Submitted and translated from Spanish to English by Maria Fernanda Teran.

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One of the new American series that has been taken interest in, among Buenos Aires T.V. watchers is Remington Steele, shown on Channel 9, wednesdays at 22.30. Among the detective shows it presents an original scheme: story of Laura Holt, a woman detective who sets up an agency to solve all kinds of criminal cases, but when she realizes that clients don't trust a woman to be in charge of that kind of job, she invents an imaginary boss called Remington Steele. But as she needs a male presence, a young handsome man shows up to take Remington Steele's identity even though Laura tries to keep him away from clients' eyes. The main roles are taken by Stephanie Zimbalist as Laura Holt; Pierce Brosnan as Steele; James Read as Murphy Michaels, another private-eye and Janet Demay as the agency secretary Bernice Foxe. The police story will take a romantic way when Laura realizes that she feels too attracted to her invented and handsome Remington Steele. This series is the greatest opportunity to the central couple who stars for the first time in a show like this.

She, Stephanie Zimbalist, is Efrem Zimbalist Jr.'s daughter, well-known for his work on the FBI series and several films. Stephanie was born in New York City and grew up in California. Part of her childhood and youth was dedicated to study drama and dancing at the best levels. She attended classes at the Strasberg Institute, with Peggy Fevry, at the Dance Center West, at Juilliard in New York City; at the Banff School of Fine Arts of Canada, and with Natalia Bodanya in Santa Barbara , California. With that solid apprenticeship, she began to work in 1976 acting since then in 20 TV Films and two miniseries, Centennial and The Golden Moment. At the same time she specially appeared in five series, including the popular Family and The Love Boat. She had also acted at important plays on stage, but starring Remington Steele is her greatest opportunity to become a name all around the world. Stephanie is single and resides in Studio City, California.

About Pierce Brosnan, the Remington Steele invented by Laura, he was born in Ireland and studied at the London Drama Center, becoming a notable actor. He began to act in 1976 at a Shakespeare play and had a solid carreer on British TV until he decided to move to Hollywood in 1982, filming some programes for the American television, such as The Manions of America. Pierce is married to Cassandra Harris, popular model and actress in London, and had two children Christopher and Charlotte, 9 and 10 years old. There's no doubt that Remington Steele has given great popularity around the world, setting him up as one of the most handsome actors of this time.

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